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Welcome to DBJ Writing!

One of the most rewarding parts of what I do is getting to meet so many of you and learning more about what makes you uniquely you. Your stories are amazing and have the potential to reach and inspire people in powerful ways.

But, I have discovered that there’s a big problem…

In many cases, those incredible stories are not being used to their full potential. They are being held so tightly, that they’re being deprived of the oxygen they need to live. They need to be unshackled and given a chance to breathe.

There are a host of reasons these stories are being smothered. Among them are fear of rejection, frustration with the process of getting them out, and a perceived lack of time to develop them completely. With the prospect of actually getting published one day appearing totally out of reach, the commitment to get those stories told seems too costly when measured against the possibility of receiving even the slightest reward.

But, what if we have it all wrong?

What if sharing our stories is not about a destination but instead about a journey?

What if it’s a long, leisurely walk filled with beautiful scenery along the way instead of a manic sprint to some mythical destination?

What if sharing our stories is not about being published and receiving accolades?

What if sharing those amazing stories we have been given is about helping others as we seek to discover more about who we are and who God designed us to be?

What if our story was never meant for an audience of millions but instead a smaller audience of those who can relate to us and learn from our story?

If this all were true, would your story still be worth sharing? Would you be willing to take the leisurely walk instead of a sprint to an imaginary finish line?

I can’t promise you will get published and become rich and famous, but I can promise to help you shape and hone your story into the best it can be. I can also promise to help you find others who need to hear your story.

What do you say? Can we journey together? Can we journey with others who can help us along the way?

 The good news about this journey is that the only way you can fail is to never start. Let’s join hands, link arms, and begin to once again breathe new life into our stories so they can thrive. Let’s also commit to not only sharing our story but to helping others share their stories.

Are you ready?

Let’s go!

Dawn Benson Jones

“In the 25+ years I have been in marketing and communications, I’ve had the pleasure of working with some amazing and talented writers and editors. I have to say that Dawn Jones is at the top of this list! Not only is she super responsive and attentive to deadlines, but she always brings more to the process (and story) than expected! She has such a grasp on the big picture which helps me roll out amazing material to accomplish our goals throughout our community!”

-Donna Wilcox, Development Director
Faith Academy Marble Falls